Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sudan's Rebel JEM Movement May Negotiate Alone with Government

Bloomberg News
8 November 2008

KHARTOUM - Sudan's rebel Justice and Equality Movement says it is ready to negotiate alone with the government if it can't reach a common stance with other rebel groups from the Darfur region.

If rebel groups ``fail to come to a common position, then JEM cannot wait,'' said Ahmed Hussain Adam, spokesman for the group commonly know as JEM, which has been waging a rebellion against Sudan's government for almost six years. ``Peace is our objective. We cannot wait while our people are suffering,'' he said in a telephone interview from Sweden.

The group's chairman, Khalil Ibrahim, and members of his top leadership met in Darfur on Nov. 6 with the Qatari state minister for foreign affairs to outline their criteria for accepting a Qatari-led initiative for peace. Qatar also offered to organize negotiations between the Sudanese government and other rebel factions.

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